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Carpet & Vinyl - Your Questions Answered

Do you give estimates?
Yes we provide a free measure and quote service on all our installs.

Do you sell carpet for both residential and commercial?
Yes we sell carpet, and carpet remnants for both residential and commercial properties.

Do you install the carpet?
With Carpet Discounters you know you are in good hands because we take care of your flooring needs from quote through to installation.

Which areas do you cover?
We cover, Napier, Hastings, Central Hawke's Bay and everywhere in between in the greater Hawke's Bay area.

Who will install my new carpet or vinyl?
Kim takes care of the installation of all carpet and vinyl.

How long does it take to lay my carpet?
Depending on the size of your job we can generally complete laying carpet in one working day.

How do I buy durable carpet?
Have a chat to Kim. He will be able to advise you on durable carpet and the best carpet to suit your needs.

Will I need to move my furniture to lay carpet or vinyl?
To ensure the carpet or vinyl is laid effectively, yes you will need to move your furniture.  We can arrange help with furniture moving if you require.

I have a new house and something is causing my nose to be stuffy, is there something wrong with my carpet?
No, you may just be allergic to the natural fibres in your carpet.

I have heard that new carpets smell, is this true?
Yes, new carpets can smell and the reason for this is due to the process of carpet making.  Wool carpets will always smell like wool.   This smell will disappear usually within one to two weeks.

Where do I find great carpet?
Take the time to do your research, shop around, ask questions and get feedback from others.  Kim at Carpet Discounters is always happy to answer your questions.

How wide is carpet?
The standard width of carpet is 3.66 metres wide.

How do I know how much carpet I need?
We measure each room length and widthwise then add a buffer of 100mm onto each measurement to ensure we have the right quantity of carpet for your install.

Is underlay required?
Yes you will require underlay unless its direct stick carpet (glued down).

What type of carpets do you sell, and which will last the longest?
Carpet Discounters supplies only the best products on the market, we will give you advice on which product to install to best suit each individual application.

Which is better wool or synthetic?
Wool is hard wearing but does fade from natural sun light and is not stain resistant.  Synthetic is stain resistant, does not fade and is hard wearing.  Depending on where your carpet is to be installed will determine the type of carpet that you require.  We can advise on the best fit for your needs.

I have a stain on my wool carpet, what is the best method to clean this?
By pressing stain with wet cloth (just water do not rub) or call a professional carpet cleaner.


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Credit: Godfrey Hirst

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